Kjeld Lauritsen Hammond Organ Kjeld Lauritsen is one of the few remaining jazz organ players, who plays the big Hammond Org an with rotating leslie speakers and bass pedals. In his younger days he was a profile on the danish blues scene, which gave him a background similar to many of the original organ grinders. When he started his own jazz combo – The Organizers – with Bob Rockwell on saxophone, succes came immediately. 7 CDs with this group, 3 under his own name and 2 records with big-bands followed. In 2011 he released a CD with a 7-piece band playing homegrown compositions from jazz and blues to beyond. The title of this group is Hammond Organ 7. The Press wrote: “Who ever thinks of North European people thinks of cool people, the counterpart of Mediterranian people. But you did not know Kjeld Lauritsen, the hot jazz man at the Hammond. May be his attitude is friendly and restrained but you will experience a total different music: swinging, cooking, just a very active asset of the Danish jazz scene”. – Jürgen Wolf, http://www.iajo.org/ “Only very few people can play jazz on organ, but in Denmark we have a master Kjeld showed his excellent skills as an organplayer, that covers ground from the massive and agressive to the very subtle, underlined by his foot pedal playing. He is really fantastic at playing bass with his feet.” (from Aarhus Jazzfestival 2009) ”Hammond Time!” is a wonderful record that just makes you happy. It really swings, and Kjeld lift the heritage from great people like Jimmy McGriff in a sublime way.” –       Jan Olsson, Sydsvenska Dagbladet (Sweden) Contact info. Kjeld Lauritsen kjeldlauritsen@kjeldlauritsen.dk Tlf. 0045 20497405 – 0045 35266468